LAR30 Edge Sander

This machine is used to remove burrs on plates and parts cutted by laser, guillotine or punchuning. It can also be used for rounding edges on straight surfaces on both sides in a single pass.

Equipped with two opposite-direction abrasive blades, it removes burr on both sides of the plate.

Can be used on workbench. The material must be fed by hand, while the blades debur the two edges.

This machine has several safety guards that aim to protect the operator. Safety locks and shields cannot be changed or deleted.

The cable section must take into account the voltage and the electrical power of the machine as well as the distance between the machine and the power source.

Working capacity (thickness)

3-15 mm


410x700x410 mm

Approximate weight 

60 kg

Motor Power of the Flap wheels

2×0,75 kW

Flap Wheels dimensions

2x Ø250 x 30 x Ø100 (hole)

Feed Speed

6 m/min