• Cloth + Sisal Roll
  • Cloth Roll
  • Scotch Roll
  • Flap Abrasive Mesh
  • Disc Felt Polishing
  • Soap / Solid Pastes
  • Polishing Wheels

Soap / Solid Pastes

  • Polishing pastes are used in both manual and automatic applications;
  • The black paste is suitable for polishing non-ferrous metals;
  • Yellow paste is indicated for high gloss in brass, aluminum, gold, silver, bronze, etc .;
  • Blue paste is suitable for polishing ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • White paste is suitable for cutting aluminum and steel;
  • Brown paste is suitable for various polishing;
  • Pink paste is indicated for extra cut in aluminum and steel.

Polishing Wheels

  • Polishing Wheels.
  • Diameters: Upon Order
  • Metallic Clamps: 55mm to 230mm
  • Metal Rings: Allow multiple holes, also with card center: 8mm to 24 / 6mm