This machine is the ideal choice for working round or oval, straight or bent pipes.

It has an orbital system that is responsible for its high versatility. In this system the sandpaper rotates around the tube, keeping it untwisted, which gives the best results in terms of finishing quality and efficiency.

Another feature of this sander is its wide range of speeds, which is achieved through the use of speed variators thus allowing to combine different speed values ​​for different types of finish.

Material can be fed automatically or manually.

Working with automatic feed, material is fed through two motors with the operator simply inserting and removing material from the feeder.

Automatic feed should only be used when working with straight stock.

Without automatic feeding the operator must manually feed the material to its full extent.

This working mode allows you to finish straight and curved materials.

Work capacity (A x L)

Ø10 – Ø114 mm

Belt Dimensiones

Ø940×50 mm

Machine Consumption

16 A

Engine Power

4,74 kW

Voltage and frequency

400V – 50Hz