Premium Line 6024 RS

Cleaning, polishing, signing and galvanizing at the fastest speed thanks to high frequency technology. 

Advantages of the 6024 RS:

  • 7 different programs on one device;
  • Cleaning with a high performance brush; 
  • Cleaning with carbon seal; 
  • Multi-language button on color screen, extra large; 
  • Menu guide indicating voltage and suitable electrolyte; 
  • Extra light weight due to inverter technology; 
  • Tools completely in stainless steel, therefore, without corrosion; 
  • Environmentally friendly electrolytes, also used in the food industry; 
  • High duty cycle of 100%. 

Primary Voltage

230 V 50-60 HZ

Secondary voltage

10/15/24 V AC, 30 V DC

Output Current

1500 VA


320* x 170 x 280 mm


14,8 kg

*without cable connection