Metalworking machines: essential equipment

Get to know the metalworking machines your business needs.

Any business needs the right equipment to get it up and running. A locksmith is no exception.

If you are thinking of setting up your locksmiths, Polimais helps you understand which equipment you cannot miss.

Metalworking machines: essential equipment

Drilling machines

Drilling machines are one of the essential equipment in this sector. At Polimais we have two types of these locksmiths machines.


Inclined Drilling Machines

These machines are ideal for all types of round, rectangular pipe, bar and profile drilling.

The FM25 is the ideal solution for inclined drilling, straight drilling or thermal drilling. It has a capacity of one hole every 15 seconds and has adjustable drilling up to 40º.

Already the F25 has two drilling heads that allow drilling at an angle up to 35º quickly and perfectly. This inclined drilling machine also enables rotation of the pipe through the rotary feed bushing.

Inclined Drilling Machine FM25

Inclined Drilling Machine F25


With regard to sanders, Polimais has several equipments that are divided between large and medium size. Here you can meet our large models.

Large Sanders

Polimais has at your disposal several models and types of large sanders.

Model SMD 134 RRB is a dry sander that is recommended for edge rounding of sheet metal parts. In addition, this equipment is also ideal for deburring and finishing laser cut and perforated sheet metal parts.

The SMD 5 is applicable for deburring parts up to 160mm thick. The processing units of this dry sander can be adjusted individually. This model can be used for a wide variety of materials, such as metals, plastics, rubber, among others.

The SMW5 is a water sander for deburring parts up to 120mm thick. This model also allows processing units to be adjusted individually.

Cleaning, Polishing and Engraving Equipment

Cleaning, polishing and engraving equipment are other machines that can not be missed in a metalwork. Know the options of Polimais:

Classic Line

Within the Classic Line we have at your disposal the model 1140 RS, ideal for cleaning, polishing, embossing dark and light. This machine enables ultra-fast weld cleaning and easily reach the most inaccessible weld beads.

Premium Line

In the Premium Line stands out the 5024 RS. This machine automatically selects the correct output voltage and has five different programs.


Finally, the 3000 CP fits into the baseline. This equipment allows the cleaning, polishing and darkening of stainless steel.

Polimais - Equipamentos de Limpeza, Polimentos e Gravação - Linha Classic - 1140 RS

Classic Line – 1140 RS

Polimais - Equipamentos de Limpeza, Polimentos e Gravação - Linha Premium - 5024 RS

Premium Line – 5024 RS

Polimais - Equipamentos de Limpeza, Polimentos e Gravação - Linha Base - 3000 CP

Baseline – 3000 CP

Polimais has a wide range of ideal and essential products for stainless steel locksmiths. Our technicians are ready to help you find the essential equipment for your business.

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